Logo Design

Originally the logo creation was meant to be left to Grant, but it seems like he doesn’t have that much experience in graphics design after his example. So decided to give him a hand and create an idea to suggest towards the group.

I had the idea of making the company that the son works for named “Balism”, with the logo icon being “C”s inside eachother, almost eating each other to form Cannibalism. I sent an roughcut into our group chat for approval which went ahead.

The group also decided that they wanted a T-Shirt made with the logo, a long with stickers to place onto the package bag itself which was going to cost more than £30 to get done. I made the decision to offer just getting a employee badge printed and into a badge holder to clip onto his trousers, a long with the logo printed on a4 and double sided taped onto all packages which has been approved also.