Camera Setup

After taking some inspiration from Bodyguard and Line of Duty I’ve decided to stick to shoulder rig for most shots, so have put together the rig featuring:

  • Canon 1dx Mark II - Is an amazing camera for low light capability along with stunning quality.

  • 50mm 1.8f - Insane prime lens for all conversation shots keeping it crisp along with an amazing shallow depth of field with it being able to go as low as 1.8f

  • 16-35mm 2.8f - Great all round lens for capturing running scenes and delivery scenes along with our opening credit 1 take shot.

  • Saramonic UwMic9 Wireless Microphone - Fast and reliable. Deciding against using the traditional boom arm option for audio for the reasons 1. Space in the kitchen won’t be large enough for camera op, assist camera op, director and a boom op. 2. There’s a lot more hassle with boom arms in terms of cables and also lighting with the arm getting in the way. So this way everything is wireless and is far more mobile.