Shoot Day

Finished shooting today with all cast and crew! I felt like it went absolutely amazing but am ready for my bed.

We spent far longer on the kitchen scene than scheduled and expected which pushed everything back quite a bit but being behind the camera, felt like it was worth it. I decided to stick toward using everything predominantly on mobile rigs, whether it be on the shoulder rig with no cables hanging or attached to anywhere a part from the headphones, or on the glidecam rig. This made EVERYTHING way easier to move around and get the shots we needed, since if we decided to use tripods or sliders etc. it would have most definitely doubled, if not tripled our time. Along with this, we decided to try and use as much natural lighting as possible, also opening so many doors to not having to re-rig the set for every single shot we went for.

Things I feel that could have went better were, giving more direction towards the shots I was going for by communicating to the director far more to keep her informed since there were times I felt that I was left to my own devices (which I never complain about at times), but felt like the director should have understood exactly why I was getting the shots I was for editorial purposes. So in the future, building a better bond with the director to both understand one another would be ideal.