Editing Day

I put some clips in the editor prior to give Ross a good understanding of the colour grading I was going for, to then send across so he could add an adjustment layer on top of the final edit along with my specific settings. We sat in the edit sweet, myself, Ross and Emma to start getting a viewable roughcut together.

Ross had already done a fair bit of work, but wanted myself and Emma’s opinions on small adjustments whether it be a few shots lasting too long, audio fixes and replacement shots.

After watching the roughcut put together, I can already tell there’s going to be a bit of hard work needed with the audio for when the conversation was happening between the Son and Father. When the father shouts you can head some distortion unfortunately through the microphones, along with both microphones being recorded in stereo which I done in production to have the options of both feeds in editing to adjust volumes. But this will take quite a bit of time to go into each clip and adjust accordingly.

In the future, I feel that we’ll need a dedicated sound person who knows a fair bit about audio to take over the role and make sure everything will sound equal in post-production.