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My love for media and the inner workings surrounding it have been around for many years. I very quickly became a local archivist, recording & photographing anything and everything. At the age of 13, I started my own small company online which created 3D logo graphics for new or upcoming online public figures. At 14 I became a sole trader with HMRC and set up a family company named DJXpress, which sourced a contract with a number of local schools to host their quarterly school discos. This I believe is what kickstarted my ambition to make GrantStudios what it is.

I decided to do an NC in Media: Broadcast at Edinburgh College in 2015 as I wanted to expand my knowledge regarding the technical aspect, whilst studying narrative and dramatic structure, and discover the inner-workings of the Creative Industries. During the two years of my HND, I have continued to strengthen my understanding of the work involved within the creative industries. This has allowed me to establish industry relevant practical skills and theoretical knowledge including: working flow, lighting, animations, law regarding media content, pre-production to post-production procedures and documentation that is applicable and required to develop a project.

My long-term ambition for GrantStudios is to partner with various other companies and create media to help them grow. I encourage working closely and taking the time to solve any intricacies within a project as I aim to create high quality work surrounding this business.