Maastricht. Netherlands. EU


Throughout my studies, I very quickly began to adore the vast opportunities available surrounding composition and the idea of producing music. This led me to continue focusing on orchestration and scoring techniques whilst also learning about how to implement both sound and music within film.

Much like my brother, I believe in producing work with the highest level of quality available and to spend as much time as is necessary to achieve the high standard we work towards. For me, all aspects of media creation are just as important as one-another, whether it’s a part of the pre-production, during or post-production stages, each create their own challenges and require something different. However, it is these differences that demand thought, time, knowledge and understanding, something which I value whilst having faith in our ability to successfully overcome. My brother and I work closely and are able to combine our individual skills surrounding the creative industries which allow for improved production quality no matter the project.

I am a creative person at heart and enjoy learning new things. I began teaching myself piano one summer during high school break and following that, went on to use the next 4 years of my life to study music further. For the first 2 years I began learning classical structure, theory and performance techniques, and for years 3 & 4, began producing composition work of my own and creating sound design Foley for film, television and video games. Although having studied music, I am always looking to expand my set of skills and currently have the pleasure of doing just that through the projects I work on here.