Whether it be for commercial, personal or business purposes, we have you covered. We pride ourselves in being one of the few multi-capture platforms offering our services which include advertisement and media creation, short films, wedding capture and live stage show recordings. Our equipment used to construct and produce our ideas through video are of the highest quality and feature 4K video capability, steadicam operation, professional audio recording, under-water and action camera facility, and aerial cinematography via drone footage.

If it’s to promote, we’ve got it!

If it’s to document, we’ve got it!

If it’s to capture, we’ve got it!




This is where it all starts. We take as much information from the client as we can to help us deliver a product of the highest quality. We will discuss your requirements thoroughly whilst piecing together various ideas to create an early concept, this will outline what needs to be achieved and how it will be produced.

Once we have a good understanding of what the aims surrounding the production are, we can then begin planning and organising the next stage in the process.



Each and every production is different. From varying sizes, to the goals and objective needing to be achieved. This is where all of the footage and audio is captured which can vary in time dependant on the individual requirements.

We have strong knowledge of the processes surrounding this stage with substantial experience to accompany our skill set and ability to produce high quality videos.



This is the final step in developing the production. This stage is primarily focused on editing and the assembly of what has previously been captured. This is where it all comes together and will result in an impressive conclusion to the production, one which we are confident the client will adore.





We understand just how very special and important this day is and take pride in being a part of it. As with any project, we try to gain an understanding of what the client wants from us and we do our very best to achieve it.

The day is yours, it is our job to capture all of those important moments which are used to create a unique, one of a kind, cinematic story for you to cherish and share.

On the day, we will be there to capture vast cinematography of the venue, film guest and main party arrivals and record on up to that important first dance. This is then compiled and produced into both a 3-5 minute highlight reel as well as a larger 25-35 minute short film.


To produce work with the highest level of quality available. Meaning that wherever possible, we shall make use of every piece of equipment available to us. We don’t offer packages, as we believe that we should put everything we can into every single wedding we do.


  • Capturing guest and main party arrivals plus vast footage of the venue and location

  • 25-35 minute short film featuring your day

  • 3-5 minute highlight reel edited to music of your choosing (exclusive arrangement of chosen music is also available, please enquire)

  • 4K ultra quality footage/ 120fps super slow motion

  • Professional grade audio recording

  • 2x Professional cinematographers/camera operators

  • Aerial drone footage (weather and availability permitting)

  • Located within 40 miles of Glasgow City centre

Price: £1,250